What is milk? Edit

Milk is a nutrient filled substance that most female mammals feed to their young. Milk has the nutrients needed for a baby to grow healthy. Some animals like cows and goats produce a surplus amount of milk. That is very useful for humans because the milk still has the nutrients. Milk is used for industrial uses and is the one of most needed drinks.

Milk from cows have more calcium. However goats can also do this. Bulls, monkey, and pigs can also produce lots of milk. Unfortunately they are exclusive to offspring due to their nature.

Milk, unfortunately, isn't infinite. Any animal can be "dry". For example, humans can only produce about s cup of milk. After that, baby formula is needed. Some mothers can't even produce milk.

Baby formula is like a "clone" of breast milk. Nutrients are fortified and dried into powder . When mixed with milk the nutrients are activated. The milk is fed to the baby.

Baby formula is not for other animals. Special formulas are for special animals. Some help cure minor sickness.

Milk has the most natural calcium in it. It is used by bones to be stronger.